About Us

You want things to just work, I do too! With Yost Network Solutions, we can make that happen for you. We all want to spend more time with loved ones and doing things we enjoy, not struggling or worrying about home security, business networks, or our Wi-Fi not working.
We can make things easier, less complicated, and allow your technology to work for you.

Hello there, I'm Chad Yost, owner of Yost Network Solutions. I started the business in 2006 when the internet was still young. So much has changed and evolved in the years, new technology, fiber to the home, and all kinds of home automation systems. It is an exciting time and I'm excited to help you or your business use that technology to make your life easier. If that is building a more secure network so your employees can work remotely, or if that is installing a home security and camera system so you know your loved ones are safe Yost Network Solutions is here for you.

Yost Network Solutions is a locally owned and operated technology firm. We serve Lincoln, Nebraska, and the surrounding communities. We believe in a proactive support model - we want to reduce your system management and support costs by helping to prevent problems before they happen. We do this by scheduled maintenance plans, active system monitoring, and good diagnostics. We will help build and keep your systems running at their optimum level to ensure you are able to do the things in life that matter most to you.

Please feel free to call or email me and I'd love to work with you on building your technology vision for your home or business.